5 Things to Know about Hawaii Covid-19 PCR Test Before you Go

Hawaii state has a special requirement about COVID-19 PCR Test Certificate for entry.

Things to Know about Hawaii Covid-19 Test Before you Go

After almost a year since the start of the pandemic, some countries are slowly trying to return to normality and restore mobility between countries. Although at the moment most countries have closed the borders except for their residents or special situations, some have chosen to accept tourists again to try to alleviate the losses in the sector but trying to put special precautions and regulations to avoid as much as possible the spread of the virus.

Hawaii has set its own rules for traveling to the islands, different from the rules imposed by the US. Some islands even have specific requirements of their own that other islands do not. In this article, we will try to explain what you should do if you want to travel to Hawaii from Japan or if you have a flight to the United States (or another country) that stops in Hawaii.

Things to Know about Hawaii Covid-19 Test Before you Go

The first thing you have to know is that currently Hawaii only allows travelers from the United States, Canada, Japan, and since February 5, travelers from South Korea too. However, there is a mandatory 10-day quarantine for those entering the country. This quarantine can be bypassed by showing a negative COVID-19 certificate following the rules of Hawaii’s pretravel testing program. However, the entry will be denied to people who have been in the following places in the previous 14 days: Brazil, United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Ireland, Iran, and the European Schengen area.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. What type of test works? Nasopharyngeal swab or saliva test?

People who want to enter Hawaii need to get a specific type of test called the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) The NAAT is the general name of a type of test, and within the NAAT comes the PCR test. Simply explained, the PCR test is one of the types of NAAT.

PCR test refers to the way the specimen collected from the person is analyzed (Polymerase Chain Reaction). This sample can be collected through the nose, by inserting a long stick (similar to a cotton swab but longer) from your nose to your throat or through the saliva spitting into a tube. Both are VALID PCR Test, the only difference is how the sample is taken that will later be analyzed. The government of Hawaii accepts both methods of collecting the sample so it is up to each person which one to take.  

2. Can I take the test and the certificate at any clinic?

No, not any clinic is valid. One of the things to keep in mind is that the certificate required to enter Hawaii is different from that of other countries. It’s a specific certificate with specific characteristics and only clinics approved by the Hawaiian state in their trusted testing partner can issue that certificate.

3. Just doing the test and showing the negative certificate upon arrival is enough?

The answer is no. The test results must be previously uploaded to the official website Safe Travels Hawaii before the flight departs. From there, once you have uploaded the test results, they will provide you with a QR code. Without doing this process and without the QR code, you will have to do the mandatory 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Hawaii.

An alternative to do this process is to bring a hard copy of your negative test results when boarding. But the test result must be prior to departing. Post-arrival testing results are not accepted.

4. Do I need a special certificate if I have a transfer in Hawaii but not entering the country?

No, you don’t need the specific certificate for Hawaii if you are only going to be passing through. In this case, a general certificate that meets the requirements of the United States or the country of final destination is enough. However, all those who have a transfer in Hawaii must register on the official website of the Hawaii government and complete the Safe Travels Hawaii form, after which they will receive a QR code. This QR code is needed to be able to make the transfer in Hawaii.

5. Where can I get a negative certificate to travel to Hawaii in Japan?

There are several clinics in different prefectures of Japan where you can get the necessary certificate to travel to Hawaii. Here I list you some of the clinics that offer this service but on the official website of the State of Hawaii on COVID-19 you will find a complete list of its trusted testing partners, also for those who travel from countries other than Japan.

T Care Clinic  (English support website: Clinic Nearme)
St Luke’s International Hospital
American Clinic Tokyo
Clinic for Tamachi

Umeda Travel Clinic
Osaka Honmachi Medical Clinic
Yodoyabashi Medical Clinic
Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital

Mental clinic with Nishi-ku, Sapporo
Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital

Benibana Naika Clinic

Kobayashi Naika Clinic

Endo Clinic

Nagoya Station Clinic
Fujita Health University Hospital

Kobe International Collaboration Clinic

Iryouhoujin Futenkai Mori Clinic

Hakata Hinoki Clinic
Aso Iizuka Hospital

I hope this article helps you to prepare for your trip to Hawaii. For more information on covid-19 tests and negative certificates for traveling in Japan, you can visit the following articles. Also, if you have more questions about traveling to Hawaii today or you think there is more information that we should add, do not hesitate to contact us.

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