Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan, consisting of over 100 inhabited and uninhabited islands. The subtropical islands of Okinawa are the country's top beach destination in summer.

Okinawa Prefecture is divided into three island groups: the Okinawa Islands, the main island of Okinawa and the surrounding islands, the Miyako Islands, around Miyako Island and the Yaeyama Islands around Ishigaki Island. The capital city Naha is situated on the main island of Okinawa, and connects Okinawa and other parts of Japan and some of Asian countries by numbers of flights and ferries as the transportation hub of the prefecture.

The native culture of Okinawa including language, food, custom, buildings, tradition, art etc is very different from the rest of Japan. It's because Okinawa prefecture used to be one independent country between 15th to 19th century, and has developed its own tradition and original culture which are also influenced by China and Southeast Asian countries after trading. That makes Okinawa very unique and attractive today.

The main tourist attraction of Okinawa is its beautiful beaches with the crystal clear water and the tropical climate. Due to the tropical weather, Okinawa's marine activities can be enjoyed with the long summer climate from April to October.


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