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Japanese Travel Phrases

For the native speakers of English or the European languages, the language Japanese can be a bit confusing. Here is a brief introduction to some useful Japanese phrases for travelers. Japanese characters are classified into three types: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Pronunciation is easier for you than expected since it can be described in alphabets.

Learn some simple Japanese greetings and let’s enjoy having communications with local people in Japanese! Horizontal line on the top of the letter meaning long vowels.

Essential Phrases

Good morning: o ha yō (おはよう)
Hello: kon ni chi wa(こんにちは)
Good Night: o ya su mi(おやすみ)
Bye: sa yō na ra(さよなら)
How are you?: o gen ki de su ka(おげんきですか/お元気ですか)
Thank you: a ri ga tō(ありがとう)
Excuse me?: su mi ma sen(すみません)
Sorry: go men na sai(ごめんなさい)
Where is XXXXX?: XXXXX wa do ko de su ka(XXXXXはどこですか)
How much is this?: ko re wa i ku ra de su ka (これはいくらですか)

In this Japanese language guide, we introduce some easy Japanese in a unique way for making your travel more entertaining. And make sure when you talk in either case of Japanese or English, pronounce them word by word clearly so they can understand you better.