One of Japan’s biggest attractions is food. Along with historical sites such as temples and shrines, pop culture and high technology, Japanese food itself is country’s great tourist attraction.

Two most popular dishes in Japan today are Sushi and Ramen. Sushi is the most famous Japanese cuisine and popular worldwide. Fresh and great quality Sushi can be found at numbers of spots in Japan, such as Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. On the other hand, Ramen is now called “nation’s favorite dish” as it’s much more affordable comparing to Sushi, and countless Ramen restaurants are located across the country.

Well-known traditional Japanese dishes like Tempura, Soda and Kaiseki course, and Teppanyaki dishes including Wagyu and Okonomiyaki are also increasing popularity quickly. Along with food, drinking culture in Japan is another interesting thing. Izakaya is definitely the place to visit. It’s Japanese style gastro pub where local food and drinks can be enjoyed.

It’s never enough time to try all dishes you want in Japan, as countless variety of food are offered, including regional, seasonal and international dishes. Also the price range at restaurants are huge from cheap franchised stores to traditional long-established Japanese restaurants. Especially Tokyo features a wide range of dining spots including several Michelin starred restaurants. When you travel Japan, I bet you can’t wait for your next meal everyday.