Which Pocket WiFi Rental is the Best in Japan 2024?

Choose the best pocket WiFi in Japan comparing rental prices, data usage amount, data speed, battery life, etc.

Best Pocket WiFi in Japan

Wondering which pocket WiFi rental company you should choose in Japan? A pocket WiFi is one of the most important items to travel Japan. Let’s compare the prices, device specs and other services.

A pocket WiFi is one of the most important items if you travel to Japan. You can’t help but use SNSs like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, search with Google Maps and talk with WhatsApp and WeChat. It’s hard to travel foreign countries smoothly without the Internet connection.

I’d like to find out which pocket WiFi rental company is the best in Japan for you to take it with the best deal. Spend your travel budget wisely.

Here are the comparisons of 7 popular pocket WiFi rental companies in Japan. Rental rates, data usage amount, data speed, battery life, delivery speed and how easy to pick up and return are compared under the same condition:

Pick-up Location: Airport
Rental Term: 14 days
Option: Extra mobile battery

These 7 pocket WiFi rental companies allow you to pick up a WiFi unit at your hotel, but quite a few people think it’s too difficult to get to their hotels from airports without it. So I believe that pick-up at arrival airports is the most agreeable option.

I think a power bank is as necessary as a pocket WiFi router. If you connect the Internet all day, the battery of the WiFi router is fully drained. What do you think if you run out of the battery and cannot search the restaurant for dinner? Take one mobile battery at least in Japan.

(The information below updated in December, 2023.)

*Please note that this article contains affiliate links.

1. Japan Wireless

Logo of Japan Wireless

2. eConnect Japan

eConnect Japan Logo

3. Pupuru WiFi

Logo of Pupuru WiFi


Logo of NINJA WiFi

5. Wi-Fi Rental Store

Logo of Wi-Fi Rental Store

6. Global Advanced Communications

Logo of Global Advanced Communications

7. Sakura Mobile

Logo of Sakura Mobile

Rate 8,840 yen 8,435 yen 16,610 yen 20,200 yen 7,810 yen 11,980 yen 14,696 yen
Data Speed 187.5Mbps 187.5Mbps 187.5Mbps Unknown 612Mbps 350Mbps Around 20Mbps
Data Usage Amount Completely
50 GB Unlimited* 10 GB/Day 20GB/Month Unlimited* Unlimited
Battery Life 10 hours 8-48 hours 8 hours Unknown 4-5 hours 10 hours 20 hours
Pick-up Hotel/Airport
Hotel/Airport Hotel/Airport Hotel/Airport Hotel/Airport Hotel/Airport Hotel/Airport
Post box
Post box
Post box
Airport Post box
Post box
Post box
Last Minute Order 1 Day Before 1 Day Before 3 Days Before 1 Day Before 1 Day Before 3 Days Before 1 Day Before
Website https://japan-wireless.com https://www.e
https://en.wifi-rental-store.jp https://global

1. Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless
Website of Japan Wireless
1. Japan Wireless
Rate ★★★★ 8,840 yen
Data Speed ★★★★★ 187.5Mbps
Data Usage Amount  ★★★★★ Completely
Battery Life ★★★★☆ 10 hours
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★★ Pick-up at Hotels/Airports
Return at Post boxes anywhere
Last Minute Order  ★★★★★ 1 Day Before

Japan Wireless is the most recommended pocket WiFi company in Japan, achieving over 800,000 rentals to customers from all over the world. It has 2 kinds of WiFi routers, and both are completely unlimited 4G LTE data usage plans. You can literally use the 4G Internet without data limitation.

For faster data speed, longer battery, and wider coverage, Premium Wi-Fi is more recommended. It offers an extra mobile battery for free and you are never charged for a cancellation fee before shipping if you want to cancel for any reasons.

Special Offer: all orders with Japan Wireless are 20% discounted using this coupon code!

Coupon Code: JPW001

Get the best deal right now here!

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2. eConnect Japan

eConnect Japan
Website of eConnect Japan
2. eConnect Japan
Rate ★★★★★ 8,435 yen
Data Speed ★★★★★ 187.5Mbps
Data Usage Amount  ★★★☆☆ 50 GB
Battery Life ★★★★ 8-48 hours (Depending on activity)
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★★ Pick-up at Hotels/Airports
Return at Post boxes anywhere
Last Minute Order  ★★★★★ 1 Day Before

There are three data usage plans from 20 GB to 100 GB with 4G in eConnect Japan. The WiFi connection allows you to use the 4G Internet for 20 GB, 50 GB or 100 GB during your renral. You need to be careful about the given usage data limitation if you share it with some people or use much data watching videos and downloading apps and others.

This pocket WiFi rental company provides you with a free mobile battery, which help you to use the WiFi outside all day. It’s also OK for you to return at different locations from pick-up. eConnect Japan also offers SIM cards with several data plans from 500 MB to 10 GB.

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3. Pupuru WiFi

Pupuru WiFi
Website of Pupuru WiFi
3. Pupuru WiFi
Rate ★★☆☆☆ 16,610 yen
Data Speed ★★★★★ 187.5Mbps
Data Usage Amount  ★★★★☆ Unlimited*
Battery Life ★★★★ 8 hours
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★★ Pick-up at Hotels/Airports
Return at Post boxes anywhere
Last Minute Order  ★★★ 3 Days Before

*From the standpoint of quality network maintenance and fair use of radio waves, data speed of the device will be limited in the case of large-capacity communication that occupies an extremely severe network (according to the website).

There are two 4G LTE unlimited plans in Pupuru WiFi: the Hi-Speed plan good for city areas and the Broad-Coverage plan good for suburban areas. The latter one is a little more expensive than the Hi-Speed plan. This WiFi rental company also lends the translator device POCKETALK for 400 yen per day.

The company frequently provides the mobile WiFi at a discounted rate. Please be noted that the data speed may drop down depending on the condition of the network.

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Website of NINJA WiFi
Rate ★★☆☆☆ 20,020 yen
Data Speed Unknown
Data Usage Amount  ★★★☆ 10 GB/day
Battery Life Unknown
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★ Pick-up and Return at Counters in Airports
Last Minute Order  ★★★★★ 1 Day Before

*The communication speed will be limited to 128kbps and slow down if it is exceeded 10GB per day (according to the website).

There are three pocket WiFi plans in NINJA WiFi for 3, 5 and 10 GB per day. For a heavy Internet user, it is recommended to hire the 10 GB plan. You can use up to 10 GB per day with high speed data. The WiFi company also serves useful optional items such as a voice translation device POCKETALK W and international adapter plugs.

You can also pick up at hotels or return from convenience stores or airport delivery service counters with additional fees.

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5. Wi-Fi Rental Store

Wi-Fi Rental Store
Website of Wi-Fi Rental Store
5. Wi-Fi Rental Store
Rate ★★★★★
7,810 yen
Data Speed ★★★★★ 612Mbps
Data Usage Amount  ★★ 20GB/Month
Battery Life ★★★☆☆ 4-5 hours
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★☆ Pick-up at Hotels/Airports*
Return at Post boxes anywhere
Last Minute Order  ★★★★★ 1 Day Before

*There is an additional charge of 550 yen for pickup at the airport, which is included in the above fee.

Wi-Fi Rental Store serves three plans of 4G pocket WiFi. Its latest model device has the fastest connective speeds 612Mbps (Download). If you want to use WiFi a lot of time, please note there is a data usage limitation (20 GB per month) and the battery life is shorter than other modems.

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6. Global Advanced Communications

Global Advanced Communications
Website of Global Advanced Communications
6. Global Advanced Communications
Rate ★★★☆ 11,980 yen
Data Speed ★★★★★ 350Mbps
Data Usage Amount  ★★★★ Unlimited*
Battery Life ★★★★☆ 10 hours
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★★ Pick-up at Hotels/Airports
Return at Post boxes anywhere
Last Minute Order  ★★★☆ 3 Days Before

*Although we advertise that the WiFi provides unlimited data, your internet connection may be throttled by the network provider when you consume a large amount of data in a short period.This is due to the fair use policy, which is common with mobile internet devices. In order for you to enjoy your trip, we recommend using the pocket WiFi for a relatively light internet activity (according to the website).

Global Advanced Communications offers multiple plans: Standard Plan, Unlimited Plan, 5G Unlimited Plan and Long Plan. For example, the information of Unlimited Plan is like above. Global Advanced Communications also provides an extra mobile battery for 800 yen and an insurance for 500 yen.

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7. Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile
Website of Sakura Mobile
7. Sakura Mobile
Rate ★★★☆☆ 14,696 yen
Data Speed ★★☆☆☆ Around 20Mbps
Data Usage Amount  ★★★★★ Unlimited
Battery Life ★★★★★ 20 hours
Pick-up & Return  ★★★★★ Pick-up at Hotels/Airports
Return at Post boxes anywhere
Last Minute Order  ★★★★★ 1 Day Before

Sakura Mobile offers a 4G pocket WiFi plan with the unlimited data usage. If you connect to the WiFi to use the Internet in many ways including watching movies and talking through Skype and other VoIPs, the unlimited option may be suitable for you. There are also three SIM cards available for 8, 15 and 30 days.

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For those looking to rent unlimited pocket WiFi

The use of WiFi has become more diversified today, not only for using map apps and search engines on smartphones and tablets but also for watching videos, playing games, uploading photos and videos to social media, and communicating with friends. For stress-free WiFi usage during a trip to Japan, many people may not want to worry about data limits. Hence, the preferable choice would be a service that offers unlimited data usage.

In Japan, there are numerous companies offering unlimited pocket WiFi, but it’s important to note that there are two types of “unlimited”. One is a “completely unlimited” service, which allows unlimited data usage at a stable speed, as the name suggests. The other type offers unlimited use of communication, but once a certain amount of data is used in a day or month, the speed becomes extremely slow. This latter type of “unlimited” can be problematic as the data speed may become so slow that it’s practically unusable.

The services introduced in this article clearly indicate whether they are truly unlimited or if there’s a potential for restrictions due to excessive use under the label of “unlimited”. Pay attention to this detail when choosing your rental pocket WiFi.

▶︎Here is the list of Best Unlimited Pocket WiFi in Japan.

For those seeking long-term pocket WiFi rentals

For those on long-term travels lasting several months, or for longer stays due to business trips or studying abroad, it would be beneficial to look for long-term rental plans. Many companies offer pocket WiFi at significantly reduced rates for rentals spanning a few months to over half a year.

For instance, Japan Wireless has Premium WiFi – Super Long Plan for rentals of over six months, allowing you to rent Unlimited WiFi at less than half the regular price. Additionally, Wi-Fi Rental Store offers advantageous plans for each of their packages starting from one month. Those interested in long-term rentals should check this out: Best Long-Term Pocket WiFi in Japan.

Furthermore, for those moving to Japan, it might be a good idea to contract with an internet service provider and install a home router. Here is a compilation of popular internet services.

Can you use Free WiFi in Japan?

Like many countries, Japan offers Free WiFi environments in public places. However, it’s important to note that it’s not necessarily convenient and easy to use for everyone. This can be particularly challenging for tourists from abroad.

First of all, there are limitations on usage time and data, unstable connection speeds, and the hassle of having to sign up every time you access the Free WiFi network. These are the main issues with using Free WiFi. It’s problematic when the connection is cut off every 30 minutes or the data speed is extremely slow, especially since travelers often need to quickly look up information or communicate.

If Free WiFi is unavailable, switching to international data roaming is the only alternative, which can end up being quite costly.

Moreover, while hotels and some public facilities might offer practical Free WiFi, the real need for internet access often arises when you are out and about. Additionally, security concerns are a common drawback of Free WiFi, regardless of the country.

For these reasons, when traveling in Japan, it’s wiser not to rely on Free WiFi and instead rent a pocket WiFi device.

In Japan, which is recommended, a pocket WiFi or a SIM card?

To conclude, it’s recommended to rent a pocket WiFi. The most significant reason is the data usage and speed. Nowadays, with the diversification of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, there’s a demand for internet connectivity in various situations. A pocket WiFi, especially those offering unlimited data services, allows you to use WiFi freely without worrying about limitations.

On the other hand, most SIM cards offer significantly less data usage compared to pocket WiFi. Moreover, there are usage limits set for either a day, a month, or both. If you are someone who only needs minimal internet access, a SIM card might be cheaper.

However, compatibility issues with your device remain a concern with SIM cards. Also, nowadays, services like eSIM are available, which don’t require a physical SIM card.

In any case, if you want to be as free as possible from all the limitations of WiFi usage and have a smooth journey, consider renting a pocket WiFi.

▶︎Check more details a about Pocket WiFi or SIM Card in Japan.

When traveling with multiple people, is one pocket WiFi device enough?

With recent WiFi devices, in most cases, 5 to 10 people can connect to one device simultaneously. However, as the number of smartphones or PCs connected at the same time increases, the speed can become slower, and battery consumption may be more intense. Therefore, using it with the maximum number of simultaneous connections isn’t very practical.

Ideally, it’s recommended to use one device for every 2-3 people. But if you often split up from your travel companions or if there are more people to travel with, it’s better to rent multiple devices. The smooth usage of WiFi offers convenience that can’t be substituted with money.

Should you take insurance with your pocket WiFi rental?

Do you worry about loss or damage of your pocket WiFi? You just maybe drop a WiFi router on the ground or have it stolen though Japan is a safer country. Some companies offer insurance options which cover full compensation or a part of it like 50%, 75%.

Just in case, it is recommended to take an insurance to avoid being charged for much more expensive compensation fee than the amount of WiFi rental fee.

Particularly if you want to enjoy outdoor activities or are aware that you tend to forget things, it is reassuring to take out insurance just in case, so you can travel with peace of mind. As none of the companies charge excessively high fees, it’s especially advisable for those renting WiFi in Japan for the first time to add insurance for added security.

▶︎For any further question about a pocket WiFi, check out this pocket WiFi FAQ list!


The best pocket WiFi depends on what you want to do with WiFi in Japan, however, it is definitely better to choose the unlimited data usage at an affordable rate. And, easy pick-up and return services will help you in the strange country. At rental periods, all you need is put the package in a post box or post office anywhere in Japan.

There are many different pocket WiFi rental services in Japan, so you may be at a loss as to which one to choose, but please refer to the recommended services above and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Take a wonderful trip to Japan staying connected with useful pocket WiFi devices!!

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