The Best 1 Week Itinerary in Japan


Japan Winter in 14 Days
How many days should you travel Japan??


One week itinerary in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara


junjo shotengai at night
Senso ji, Tempura, Fish market, and Godzilla road

Are you prepared for your travel to Japan? Each plan may vary greatly depending on how long you can stay in Japan or things you are attracted by the most about Japan. Every itinerary is characterized by its own uniqueness. If you are from countries in Europe or the US that is distant from Asia, you may stay for a relatively long term compared to average travelers. In that case, we recommend you visit several cities in Japan. Tourists who could only stay for a short period of time have to organize a schedule that allows them to travel around the country as efficiently as possible.

Depending on the interest of your trip, the theme of your travel will change. Your schedule will be completely different one whether you put your focus on gourmet, history, culture, or physical activities. For those who have never been to Japan, we will suggest everything from your journey plans to unknown local spots to make your adventure an unforgettable one.